- በብዓይነቱ ሓሩጭ; ጻዕዳ ጣፍ ቀይሕ ጣፍ, ማሸላ, ስገም, ብልቱግ, ፊኖ T45, T55, ዕፉን, ሳራዛ... - ሩዝ, ዓደስ。。。 - ቡን በርበረ ሽሮ ጥሕኒ ሕልበት ቆሎ ቡቕሊ ዳጉሻ ጌሶ - Farine de Taff, de sorgho, d'orge, de millet du doigt, de blé, de mais, sarasin, riz lentilles ...
Traditional articles
- በብዓይነቱ ስፈታት ከም ሞሶብ, መብልዒ ቍርሲ, ሰፍኢ - ኩሉ ዓይነት ናውቲ ቡን - ዓበይትን ንኣሽቱን ጻሕልታት, ጣሳታት Traditional articles for coffee ceremony, baskets and many more
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